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Online Psychotherapy Course

Healing the Wounds of Childhood – Online Workshop Thursday 9th November 2023

Integrative Psychotherapy: Healing the Wounds of Childhood Workshop with Ruth Birkebaek

Location & Time: Online Thu, 9 Nov 2023 18:00 - 20:00 GMT

Psychotherapy workshop

Healing the emotional wounds of childhood requires a psychotherapist that is attuned to client’s affect, developmental level of functioning and Relational Needs

This webinar will focus on Richard Erskine’s model of Relationally-focused and Developmentally-based Integrative Psychotherapy; a psychotherapy that aims to integrate client’s affect, cognition, physiology and behaviour.

Ruth will also discuss the psychological function of behaviour patterns.

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • To identify and respond to client’s archaic and current Relational Needs
  • To establish a developmental image of each client and to respond to clients’ different developmental levels
  • Using phenomenological inquiry to facilitate clients’ internal contact with their unknown feelings

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, including trainees on their final year

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • This webinar may provide participants with a clearer understanding of client’s non-verbal communication


This workshop will be recorded and you can use the ticket function to pre-purchase the recording before the event. This will be useful for colleagues who are not able to attend the event live and also for those who attend the event live and want to watch it again.


This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our cameras and microphones to interact with each other as a group.

For more information and booking click below.

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