Training programme

Course: Continuing Professional and Personal development on the Theory and Methods of a Relational and Integrative Psychotherapy

This training program will provide the fundamental theory required for certification as an Integrative Psychotherapist by the Commission for Standards and Certification (CSC) of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association (IIPA). A certification of 75-hour Continuing Professional Development will be issued on completion of the course.


Through lectures and group discussion of theory-into-clinical practice, assigned readings and participant’s presentation of clinical cases for consultation, this training will provide psychotherapists and counselors with an understanding of the Theory and Methods of Relational Integrative Psychotherapy as developed by Richard Erskine.

The training will focus on the importance of the therapeutic relationship while emphasizing the methods of a psychotherapy that integrates client’s affect, cognition, physiology and behaviour. The aim of a contact-oriented and relational Integrative Psychotherapy is the intrapsychic reorganization of client’s beliefs about self, others and the world while acknowledging, validating and normalizing client’s relational needs.

This engaging and relational therapeutic training will meet five times a year for 2 days, 15 hours each time. Participants are required to financially commit to payment of the full five 2-day modules.

Tutor: Ruth Birkebaek
Location: Zoom
Dates: 31 July-1 Aug 2021,
25-26 September 2021,
13-14 November 2021,
29-30 January 2022,
5-6 March 2022.
Time: Saturday & Sunday from 9:30 to 5:00

For more information and to register please contact:Ruth Birkebaek
Telephone: 07792613154

About the speaker: Ruth Birkebaek started her career in Brazil in 1989 as a Plastic Surgeon. After graduating from medical school she became interested on the impact of the mind on the development of physical illness, and did trainings in Psychosomatic Medicine and Jung Therapy followed by a 4-year training in Transactional Analysis. In 2003 she moved to the UK and started a 4-year training in Integrative Psychotherapy with Richard Erskine. She now works full time as a psychotherapist in private practice in London. She’s a UKCP registered Psychotherapist, a Certified Transactional Analyst – Provisional Trainer & Supervisor (PTSTA), a Certified Integrative Psychotherapy Trainer & Supervisor (CIIPTS) by the IIPA (International Integrative Psychotherapy Association).

Professional membership and accreditation