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Dr. Ruth Birkebaek Psychotherapist, Richmond, London, UK

Making initial contact

Online Psychotherapy and counselling means you can be located anywhere. I speak fluent English and Portuguese. If you live or work near Richmond upon Thames, all or some of your sessions can be conducted face to face if you prefer. If you would like couple counselling, face to face sessions are required.

To make initial contact please send an email giving your contact details and a brief description of your concerns. This will be an opportunity for you to express your situation to me. I will email you back, as soon as possible, explaining how I can work with you. Once we have established a convenient time for the therapy session, you will be sent an email confirming payment details. Payment is required in advance of each online session. You can also pay for a group of sessions.

Doctor Ruth Birkebaek

Dr Ruth Birkebaek,  Psychotherapist based in Richmond upon Thames

Weight issue

"I first came to therapy with Ruth to work on weight issues. I’ve had short-term counselling before and have tried different forms of diet with no success. Ruth was very patient and calm, which helped me to control my own anxiety. In therapy with her, I’ve learned how to be kind to myself and to understand how the obesity was serving me. She followed my own rhythm and in a very respectful and kind way, she helped me to go back into my childhood and understand how I became the way I am. For the first time in my life I had someone really listening to me, without judgments or assumptions. Ruth would listen to me and take me seriously."


Relationship counselling

"We came to therapy as a couple. We’ve been married for 23 years, our kids have left home and there was nothing left for us, we were having constant fights and my wife was contemplating divorce. Ruth created a time and space in which we could talk to each other without fear of being attacked or criticised. She taught us how to communicate in a way that would support each other’s opinions; she helped us to understand each other’s needs, which created more intimacy between us. We’ve finished our therapy and since then we’ve gone on holiday 3 times, just the 2 of us, and it’s been great fun. "


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