Online therapy

How online psychotherapy works

Whereas counselling is often sought in times of crisis, psychotherapy tends to be a much deeper and longer process, which is designed to enhance personal and self-development. Being able to connect remotely makes delivering the help you need more timely and convenient.

You can choose the delivery method which suits you best: Zoom, FaceTime, email, phone or a mix of these. You can also include face to face if you live close to London.

Benefits of online psychotherapy

  1. It takes place at a time convenient to you with no notice required, you just log on to the website and type a message whenever it suits you.

  2. Unable or unwilling to seek out face-to-face therapy. This includes clients who may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed to see a therapist in person, but have relationships impacted by sexual/physical abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, divorce, infidelity, and other subjects.

  3. Maybe you are very busy, working or studying long hours, or travelling and cannot commit yourself to a regular face-to-face appointment. Or you may be housebound for some reason or caring for small children, elderly parents and cannot spend time away from home.

  4. Whatever your reasons or life style, psychotherapy or counselling online can be positive for you, as it is: affordable, private, safe and available worldwide.


To begin sessions I will need to assess your situation and develop the correct course of treatment. See Making first contact.

Convenient, effective psychotherapy

How online psychotherapy works

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