Make a payment

Before therapy commences

Please note that fees for online therapy must be paid in advance of the session. You can purchase multiple sessions once you are in the checkout or you can select a therapy credit for more flexibility (see below for details)

If you know how you would like to receive the therapy or you would like to book additional sessions you can pay by selectng from the options below.

Email exchange: £45 (includes one email and my response to that)   

Buy one or more email sessions at £45

Remote sessions: £95 for 50 minutes

Buy one or more remote sessions at £95

Telephone call session: £95 for 50 minutes

Buy one or more telephone call session sessions at £95

Flexible therapy sessions

Some clients want to use a mix of therapy sessions. If they are travelling then email may suit them best or if they are in the privacy of their own home, they may prefer a session via Skype, FaceTime or a phone call. If you would like more flexibility you can purchase a therapy credit. The credit will be used for sessions at the prices shown above.

Flexible Therapy Credit £250 

Flexible Therapy Credit £500 



Make a paymentfor online therapy

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